O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree….

I’ve been a very bad girl! Ignoring my blog for much too long.  With the Christmas season upon us I have been busy as a Santa Elf with holiday projects. Next week I will post some of what has kept me away.

Until that time here is a poster of our Christmas tree from a few years back that I created.

Have a deliciously wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by!!

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Gosh, could I not be any later in posting this Halloween blog?!?!  Silly life. Our family room {I hate calling it a family room, because to me that implies there is also a living room. Which is not the case.}  is a room that is still in need of an update, but currently is low on the priority list. In the future the furniture will be replaced, but the wall color will remain. The texture and color of the wall are not depicted well in the images.

Here is a picture of part of the room before I decorated for Halloween:


Hoping that Santa will bring me a Silhouette for Christmas! Drove me batty cutting the bats!

Added some leftover leaves from the mantel to the stairway:

Prior to moving to NC we lived in Nevada where I worked in a hospital ER. That Halloween I was scheduled to work. Many of the staff were planning a night on the town in costume to celebrate. Promising they’d stop by to show-off their costumes, I brought in my photo gear and snapped images capturing the crew in something other than scrubs. If you work in an ER, scrubs are not a costume. 🙂 These three were my favorite. Can you guess which one is a male? 🙂

I hope y’all have had time to get out and enjoy the bootiful autumn in your area!~

Thanks for stopping by!

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Master Bath-Drip, Drip.

Evidently the shower in the master bathroom had a history of leaking. Of course we found this out the hard way, not by disclosure when the home was purchased. Three months worth of weekly visits by a plumber, tile guy along with a wad of cash the problem is resolved. History only repeats itself, these things only happen when you can the least afford.

The original shower was enclosed with a nice white marble on all the walls and a tile flooring. Unfortunately, the pictures of the original shower and work in progress were accidently deleted from the compact flash card before uploading to the computer.  I guess it could have been worse. Like the time I was shooting film, (those days before digital, remember?) or thought I was, only to discover I never loaded the camera! <–That discovery was made while on my return plane ride home from the shoot location. Oops.

Because the marble evidently was placed before the doorway and header were built, this meant the only way to remove the marble without damage was to demolish the doorway and header. Uhm, that idea was spendyyyyyy. So, tile would now have to suffice. When given a plethora of chocolates to choose from I can name my choice in like a nano-second. Tile, not so much.

Here’s the shower today. If I had taken a picture of the inside you’d see it is big enough for two.

Not the best of images. The wall color outside of the shower is a sort of robin blue/green.

Now a shot as you walk into the bathroom. The doors on the right & left are his/her’s closets.

At the end of the entrance a bit to the right is my vanity.

What, you want to be snoopy and see what’s in our medcine cabinets? Marvin the nosey of June’s byebyepie blog so wanted to see. (Catch a link to her blog on my link list, I promise that her blog  is the best way to start your day)

Well, his actually looks this way. Obviously, when he finds a bargain he goes for it. 

 I wasn’t about to show you my cabinet without a “bit” of purging. 🙂

Yep, that’s so me, not only do I leave a few globs drops of gel in every bottle, but I’m the one that places the soda bottle back in the fridge with less than a swallow left in it.:) Pick your jaw up and let’s move on forgetting I ever showed you this picture.

This is his vanity and you can see the tub. If it wasn’t for wrinkly skin I could soak in that tub all day.

Closer look at the soaking tub. (You may have noticed this table has been moved to the entryway)

Looking back from the tub on the wall you’ll see the ironing board and the door to the biffy. The toilet room has tile flooring. (Thank goodness, the idea of carpet in there would gross me out) Someday the little black spot on the ceiling will be replaced with a small chandelier.

So, now you have the poop scoop on my new shower and the rest of the bathroom.

Hope you have gorgeous day!

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You found me!

Lovely Kate over at http://www.centsationalgirl.com/ is hosting a “Where Do You Blog” party.

I’m delighted that we are headed over to her place because my office is a disaster zone waiting for someone to give me a kick in the tush. (See post dated June 11th) Yes, folks I still haven’t motivated myself to complete the space. Sigh.

So, lately the sunroom seems to be the place that I blog from, which has been sporadic at best lately.  Sometimes I sit in the chair.

Other times I recline on the chaise – just in case I need a bit of a cat nap while gathering my thoughts.

Excuse the mess!

When all else fails I head to the living room desk. (However, the desk is usually cluttered with odd”s & end’s)

Hmm, I think I’ll go up to the office (Well, after I do some blog surfing) and at the most least get the tape on the walls today. Hoping to get paint on the walls before the week is out. If so, you’ll be the second to know!

Have a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping by!~

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The Dining Room That Won’t Be For Dining.

The Nester is hosting a spur of the moment linky party, (other link parties listed below) so thought I’d chime in. Our dining room is red, red, red! Yuck! I don’t like the color at all, but the idea of priming & painting the walls has me seeing red!

One day, you know that day, the day you have enough moolah, that day my our dining room will be transformed into a library/music room. The dream is to have two walls of floor to ceiling book shelves. Big comfy chairs, small table and If I dream big enough, a Baby Grand.

Presently, I have a table, chairs, small buffet and some odd’s and end’s in the room.(Translation-cameras) Window’s have plantation shutters which I love, and gold colored drapes that are just OK.  A bench that I recovered now acts as additional seating at the table.  The centerpiece is something I repurposed. (You can check it out in my archives May 21st) Easier for me just to show you:

Red is such a hard color to depict with accuracy in images. I failed. If you like red, it’s a nice shade. You’ll just have to trust me because the images don’t do the wall color justice.

A closer look at the little buffet.

I opened the shutters for better lighting.

Lastly, a shot of a corner …I just had to add something French.:)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope y’all have a day that doesn’t have you seeing red.:)

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Pottery Barn Inspiration

Not just PB inspiration, but the inspiration of Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick and The Nester gave me the get up and go I needed this week. (See my links) I did just what Sarah suggested and dashed to the Dollar Store to pick up cannisters and candle holders.I made sure to grab a few of the flared cannisters along with a few shorter ones. Picked up some Gorilla Glue at Tarjay. Gathered some other candle holders I had purchased last Christmas at Ikea and went to work. The hardest decision was what to put in the lovely cannisters. I know I will change them like a zillion times before I will be happy.

So, here are a few images from PB that I used for inspiration:

Here are the items I used to create the cannisters:

…and now my finished projects:

The lid I found a few months ago at Goodwill for 25 cents. Had no idea what I would use it for, but I just knew it would come in handy one day!

The jar was another GW find at $2.50. Oh, and the rocks also came from the DS. Lemons from Tarjay.:)

I wish I had taken the picture so that you could get a better look at the large apothecary jar in the back. I splurged and spent $12.00 on that lovely jar!

My day didn’t end with the cannisters. I also had scored a brassy lamp from GW. Painted the lamp a satin nickel and crowned it with a Walmart lamp shade. Now I can live with it.:O)

So thankful to all that blog and share their ideas. Ya’ll inspire me and I love that you allow me to pilfer your ideas!!

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Hope your day is a cool one. Horribly hot & humid here in NC.

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Aujourd’hui du projet, deux français chaises – Today’s Project, Two French Chairs.

I’ve never been to the Goodwill when it first opens in the morning. Now I’ll always go at that hour. I found two of what I knew could be lovely chairs for $15.00 total.:) The chairs also came with a rather large and obnoxious looking table. No need for the table, nor a way to transport the table, so I just simply re-donated the table.

Took a wire brush to the chairs to rid it the best I could of rust. Followed that with some spray “oil rubbed bronzed paint.”  The chair on the left hasn’t been painted yet. It’s actually much duller than it looks in this picture.

I didn’t have any material on hand, but had a bee in my bonnet mentality and wanted to finish these chairs NOW! A lot of our home has a French theme. Not quite as much as I’d like, yet, more than Mr. Wonderful would like.:) I was thinking French and then it hit me! I had an old cloth shower curtain that I liked, but we didn’t have a spot to use it in. Sooooooo, that’s what I used to cover the cushions! I picked out two different design areas from the curtain. I could have chosen the same scene for both, but that is just not me. I really wanted one of the chairs to have the Eiffel tower scene, but it was to close to the bottom edge of the curtain to suffice.

Now I have deux francais chaises! The shower curtain has the added bonus in that the seats will also repell water, maybe just a bit. From time to time I’m sure I’ll use them outdoors under the portico.

A closer look at the “lady” on the table.

I’m saving the remainder of the shower curtain and might cut out other scenes to frame or possibly make a few small pillows.

I love my new French chairs!~ Hope you find some treasures at the GW too!

Have a bright day and thanks for taking a look!

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