My first visit to Charlotte

On Saturday I had the pleasure of being invited to a Blessings Unlimited party at the Nesters! I was so excited to meet the Nester, who I must tell you is the most gracious hostess and has a fabulous home! I didn’t know where to look first, for every corner is decorated, and decorated with style! I felt like a kid taking my first trip to a candy store.

I also met June. Now I have to admit I had not heard of her blog. Well let-me-tell-you, I am now addicted to her blog!! She reads like a fabulous book. One of those books that you tune out the world while you read and you can’t wait to see how it ends. The best part is that you can’t flip to the last page of the book and see how it ends. (Yeah, I do that sometimes) One of those books that you want to be the director of the film because you can so-so visualize the printed word.

Nester’s house was full of beautiful people with great stories. I wished there had been more time to soak it all up!! With the threat of rain and darkness approaching I took my leave to head back home. I need a Tom-Tom! Ever try to read printed MapQuest instructions in the dark, minus reader glasses…aaack!

Before I left I ordered this cute photo carousel. Can never have too many options in displaying images or whatever.

What a surprise when Nester said to me as I was saying good-bye to please select an item from the gift table to take with…what?..huh?  Ever so kind of her! I chose this gorgeous revelations bracelet. Thanks, Nester, I adore the bracelet and even wore it home.:)

Came home and decided to start my own little blog. The key word here is, little! I’ll never rank up there with Nester and June, but I’m taking this adventure if for no other reason than my own amusement. OK, so now like I’m unsure how to create a link for Nester and June’s blogs (like you really don’t already know their blogs). The Nester can be found at: and June can be found at  Go check them out and you too will fall in love.:O) Thanks to all for a wonderful Saturday!


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Just the two of us. Well, us and the dust bunnies.:) I bounce between working in the medical arena and working as a professional photographe
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3 Responses to My first visit to Charlotte

  1. The Nester says:

    This is your first post?!!!! It was so great to meet you, I still can’t believe people drove more than 3 minutes to come to my house! Thank you!

  2. Michelle says:

    Ahh, I see you’re fairly new to blogging too! Glad to start the adventure with you! You have a beautiful home!

  3. emily says:

    Wow, your first post! Welcome to blogging…and I had fun at the party, too. I forgot about that card holder thing. I’ll have to take another look at that!

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