An ivy metal bowl, candle holder and a SNAKE!

I purchased this rusty looking ivy metal bowl at the local Goodwill for $2.50. The candle holder I pilfered from my stock of holders I purchased from Ikea for Christmas decorating.

Grabbed the two items plus my trusty ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) spray paint, painter’s cloth and headed out to the deck. With the threat of rain, I was relieved to know this paint would dry quickly.

Glued the two pieces together with an epoxy adhesive. Easy-breezy! Now I have a cute fruit bowl to hold perfect pear specimens. Albeit the pairs are faux. 🙂 Eventually I think my new creation will end up in the dining room.

Project done, time to put everything away. I had just picked up the painter’s cloth, turned around and saw this snake!!! EEEKKK! Performed a gianormous FREAK dance. Ran inside and checked to make sure all the toilet seats were down. (Really, I was THAT freaked out) Garden snake, rattle snake…same difference to me…EEEKKK! The quality of the picture is poor…do you really think I could hold a camera still at this point…not on your life! 🙂

I have a few more projects in need of painting. I’m glad the forecast is for rain this weekend because it’s going to take me a few days before I want to step foot out in the backyard. 🙂

Ya’ll have a lovely weekend!


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Just the two of us. Well, us and the dust bunnies.:) I bounce between working in the medical arena and working as a professional photographe
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5 Responses to An ivy metal bowl, candle holder and a SNAKE!

  1. Laura of Ms-Smartie-Pants says:

    OMG, that would definitely scare me and curb my craft business!!! I love that project tho, I have both of those things in my storage closet, I may have to make one of those! Keep up the good work. By the way do you have difficulty spraying with your ORB? Mine is hard to grip and spits out dots, makes me so mad!!!

  2. Cherry says:

    OHh so glad you found me….love your blog! If you look back in my old is full of JUST decorating and many projects….but now I tend to share all my cards…your home makes me want to get back to my decorating though. I love numbers and typography as well! Cherry

  3. Megan says:

    I love it! If I had seen that bowl at goodwill I never would have thought of doing this to it.

  4. junkermidge says:

    I LOVE the new fruit bowl! Awesome. As for the snake, I agree, — EEEKKK! I can’t believe that you were able to get a picture at all, but I’m glad you did.

  5. Insanely beautiful, well done. But that snake, too freaky!

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