The little office that could, but hasn’t… HELP! Please!

I’m sort of embarrassed to show you these images of my office in this present state. However, it is what it is, yikes! I just for the life of me can’t make up my mind on what to do with the walls. Without this most basic decision I  simply can’t move forward. Too many choices, do I simply just paint, beadboard the whole thing, board and batten a portion of the walls or??? I gave a nano-second of thought to cleaning it up first before inviting  begging you to come in and toss some ideas around. Yet, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better, so…hang on, here we go!!

I’ll ease you on in by starting with a shot from the hallway. I didn’t, but if I was to turn the camera around, you would note on the opposite end of this hall is another guest bedroom and a mirror image office that Mr. Wonderful occupies.

Now we’ll look straight into the office. Ya’ll wouldn’t know it by these pics I snapped with my P&S camera, but I’m a photographer, hence all the photography crap lying around. Don’t poke fun at my computer monitor, for there is a long story attached and I’m thankfull at this moment to have this antique to use for editing. I love the angled walls, not too nuts about the placement of this utility closet and the lovely fluorescent light fixture will be trashed along with the cart and table.  I snagged this chair for $10.00 at an estate sale and will reupholster (although it doesn’t need it, just not my taste) and move to another room.

Swinging around to the right:

Swinging to the right again:

OK, enough of this swinging/spinning stuff! So, thus far I know I want this desk idea from PB but I’ll make it (was supposed to have already been made, but that ugly thing called budget got in the way). The desk will be placed in the middle of the room and one chair will face the window, the other chair back will face the window . My tush will require a cushioned seat on the chair.

To the right of the utility closet I’ll place this cute petite fireplace or something similar. This is from Overstock:

Leaning towards this color if I paint any portion of the office:

What are your thoughts, what would you do with the walls?? Appreciate any and all feedback!!!!!

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8 Responses to The little office that could, but hasn’t… HELP! Please!

  1. Laura of Ms-Smartie-Pants says:

    I vote paint! With all the angles and differences in wall height I think paint is the best answer. I also would consider finding a blue with a tiny bit of grey to it or it could look like a baby’s room. I think all of the white furnishings will look great with the blue tho. My office/craft room has a table with a high chair, not very comfy so be sure to find a comfy chair or you won’t want to work there just like me!!! Can’t wait to see what you do!

    • Thanks, Laura – The paint actually has a bit of purple to it…the color swatches are always tough to view correctly on-line. Not a baby blue at all. It speaks “cool” tone to me which is what I lean towards.

  2. Line says:

    I agree with about paint: it seems the easiest, and beadboard in a small space makes me “choke” (but that’s very personal).
    Regarding color, I agree with you on cool tones to relieve your eyes from all the details they must be hooked on all day long as you’re a photographer. I would chose a blue that has an even stronger hint of purple/mauve.
    Now do you really want to trash this cart?! You could modge-podge the “drawers” in matching tones.
    Finally, if you really consider trashing the table or if you consider parting with this awesome music stand (I’m a violinist), you can still send them to me, down here in France! ;-D
    Good luck!

  3. Lacy says:

    I vote paint the walls put white bead-board on bottom half, lean an old white latter like your inspiration picture shows, attach coordinating fabric to table for a skirt (if you dont get a new desk) and put different coordinating fabric on window and other chair cushion. Love the silver in the frames and lamp. Just some ideas but you have g0od taste..whatever you do will be great.

  4. Jami says:

    I love the angled walls! And I agree you need paint. You seem to be pretty sure on the color, so go for it! If it were my office I would not be able to face the slanting ceiling. Just my issue, but I would need to be in the middle of the room facing towards the entrance, or facing the opposite wall if possible so I didn’t feel claustrophobic. I love that desk!

  5. Cathy says:

    I would def paint and love the beadboard idea! Have you thought about finding fabric you love for that cute chair first then decide on wall color? It may be harder to match fabric rather than paint.

  6. mymagicmom says:

    I love that desk! I also like the blue color you choose. Have you considered like a robin’s egg blue? I think it would look nice in that space.

  7. You will really like when you move your desk out from the wall! I have similar ceilings in our bonus room (and my painting studio). I recently moved my drawing table out from under the eaves and put it between two windows to take advantage of the natural light.

    Hope you find the time to get your project done ;-).

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