Master Bath-Drip, Drip.

Evidently the shower in the master bathroom had a history of leaking. Of course we found this out the hard way, not by disclosure when the home was purchased. Three months worth of weekly visits by a plumber, tile guy along with a wad of cash the problem is resolved. History only repeats itself, these things only happen when you can the least afford.

The original shower was enclosed with a nice white marble on all the walls and a tile flooring. Unfortunately, the pictures of the original shower and work in progress were accidently deleted from the compact flash card before uploading to the computer.  I guess it could have been worse. Like the time I was shooting film, (those days before digital, remember?) or thought I was, only to discover I never loaded the camera! <–That discovery was made while on my return plane ride home from the shoot location. Oops.

Because the marble evidently was placed before the doorway and header were built, this meant the only way to remove the marble without damage was to demolish the doorway and header. Uhm, that idea was spendyyyyyy. So, tile would now have to suffice. When given a plethora of chocolates to choose from I can name my choice in like a nano-second. Tile, not so much.

Here’s the shower today. If I had taken a picture of the inside you’d see it is big enough for two.

Not the best of images. The wall color outside of the shower is a sort of robin blue/green.

Now a shot as you walk into the bathroom. The doors on the right & left are his/her’s closets.

At the end of the entrance a bit to the right is my vanity.

What, you want to be snoopy and see what’s in our medcine cabinets? Marvin the nosey of June’s byebyepie blog so wanted to see. (Catch a link to her blog on my link list, I promise that her blog  is the best way to start your day)

Well, his actually looks this way. Obviously, when he finds a bargain he goes for it. 

 I wasn’t about to show you my cabinet without a “bit” of purging. 🙂

Yep, that’s so me, not only do I leave a few globs drops of gel in every bottle, but I’m the one that places the soda bottle back in the fridge with less than a swallow left in it.:) Pick your jaw up and let’s move on forgetting I ever showed you this picture.

This is his vanity and you can see the tub. If it wasn’t for wrinkly skin I could soak in that tub all day.

Closer look at the soaking tub. (You may have noticed this table has been moved to the entryway)

Looking back from the tub on the wall you’ll see the ironing board and the door to the biffy. The toilet room has tile flooring. (Thank goodness, the idea of carpet in there would gross me out) Someday the little black spot on the ceiling will be replaced with a small chandelier.

So, now you have the poop scoop on my new shower and the rest of the bathroom.

Hope you have gorgeous day!

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Just the two of us. Well, us and the dust bunnies.:) I bounce between working in the medical arena and working as a professional photographe
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11 Responses to Master Bath-Drip, Drip.

  1. That was a good picture! Very honest of you 🙂 You have a beautiful home!

  2. Hmmmph. You meant I had the option to clean up first? Why am I always the last to think of that?

  3. joann Mannix says:

    Hi Laurie,

    Your bathroom is lovely! And so gorgeously decorated.

    I am the same way with the product bottles. I just cleaned out my hair product cabinet and I must have thrown away one mazillion empty bottles.

    Great to see the other part of the story.

  4. Hi Laurie, came over to see the other part of your story. Not that bad. Good thing June didn’t post mine. It might have freaked you out a big. Your bath is beautiful. Love the color on the walls.

  5. Loverly Laurie, maybe someday if don’t move I might get to see it!!!

  6. I always get so giddy to see pictures of the insides of peoples’ homes, but I have to admit that yours is one of the classiest I’ve seen around. Thanks so much for sharing some inspiration, and congratulations on getting the drip finally solved! 🙂

  7. Michelle says:

    I found you at Remodelaholic and I am so jealous right now!! Your bathroom is gorgeous!!! Look at all that space and your tub is a dream!!!! Thank you for sharing this with us!!

  8. Love this.. cute blog. come on over to our site if you ever need new ideas or want to feature one of your items

  9. Your bathroom is gorgeous!! Really. I love it!!


  10. Lauren Ashby says:

    Holy beautiful bathroom! Does your shower step out onto carpet, because that’s genius! And can you send whoever built your house on up to mine to build me a bathroom like that? But for free? haha! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lauren. The shower does step out onto carpet. However, I have a rug that I put down to catch any last minute drips. (Usually dry off in the shower) The tub area has a wood floor and there is tile in the toilet room.

      I’ll get right on your request just as soon as I win the lottery! 🙂

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