~Happy Birthday America!~

I hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July celebration! We’ll be heading to Washington, DC for the weekend to spend time with friends and celebrate the birth of our nation.

This is an image I compiled a few years ago to send out as 4th of July cards. The actual image was taken at a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Washington, DC. I turned the image into a painting of sorts and then overlayed the lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner.

Even though we won’t be home I decorated the front of our home. The little window banners came from the Dollar Store. Pretty impressed with the quality of the banners, they are made of material. The door decoration I picked up at Ross.

Here’s a closer look at the banner on the door. Now I have to tell you that Mr. Wonderful asked me why there were only 28 stars on the banner. He counted them as he drove into the driveway! My jaw dropped (who really counts these things) and I muttered something about I got it at a discount rate.

 Enjoy the holiday!!! Be safe!! Thanks for visiting my little blog! See my links and go check out “The CSI Project.”  (Please excuse the layout of these last two post. Something is wrong with the text layout when I go to publish….grrr…)

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The Hub of Our Home – The Kitchen

It hasn’t mattered where we have lived, the kitchen always seems to become the gathering spot. We’ve had itsy-bitsy kitchens, OK sized kitchens and one gianormous kitchen. We’ve had kitchens that were dirt ugly and some that I’d call cute. Size never seems to matter when it comes the kitchen. People will gather in the kitchen.

I really enjoy our present kitchen. No counters need replacing, appliances are perfect, (I LOVE a gas stove!) the color works for both the kitchen and the main room that is connected. What I still need to do is some form of a window treatment, new counter stools and decide on what should remain on the counter tops. Oh, and the cabinet with  glass doors really needs to contain something that shows off the doors. Currently it has  mostly wine and martini glasses that desperately need the silver rims polished!

Recall that I said I collect stuff? In some of these images you’ll note that there are cameras above the ovens and on the shelf. I’ve lost count how many cameras I own.:) The rocking chair was a GW find that I repainted. My previous posted fruit bowl is perched on the counter. (First two images the color is off a bit)

This is the view as I do dishes. During the winter I can see the lake. To the left is the sunroom.

An older picture from a different angle. I like the mix of a glazed white/creamish color on the cabinets with the natural wood of other cabinets/island. The “gap” above the fridge will be fillled so that it will have that “built-in” look.

I didn’t think I’d have an appreciation for the placement of the microwave. Thought it might be too low, but I now don’t have any issues with the location. I love the lower height of the countertop below the cabinet with the glass doors. Perfect spot for rolling out pastry. Spoon and fork hanging on the wall are from World Market.

I’m very lucky or is that spoiled to have two ovens. One oven is a convection oven, the other is a steam oven. Nothing better than some fresh picked (Well, picked up from the grocery store) steamed veggies!  No more lifting of heavy filled water pots to the stove.

Whomever came up with the idea of a “pot filler” has my undying gratitude!!! The cabinet under the stove to the right is a spice cabinet.

A couple of creations to come out of my kitchen. I love kitchen time!!!

Hope ya’ll have a splendid day! For some yummy recipes check out:

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Nature’s beauty, how sweet it is!

Taking a break today to enjoy nature’s gift, the flowers. Hope you too have a bit of time in your day to enjoy. I’m a big fan of square format.

Hope you have a lovely day!~ Thanks for stopping by!

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The little office that could, but hasn’t… HELP! Please!

I’m sort of embarrassed to show you these images of my office in this present state. However, it is what it is, yikes! I just for the life of me can’t make up my mind on what to do with the walls. Without this most basic decision I  simply can’t move forward. Too many choices, do I simply just paint, beadboard the whole thing, board and batten a portion of the walls or??? I gave a nano-second of thought to cleaning it up first before inviting  begging you to come in and toss some ideas around. Yet, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better, so…hang on, here we go!!

I’ll ease you on in by starting with a shot from the hallway. I didn’t, but if I was to turn the camera around, you would note on the opposite end of this hall is another guest bedroom and a mirror image office that Mr. Wonderful occupies.

Now we’ll look straight into the office. Ya’ll wouldn’t know it by these pics I snapped with my P&S camera, but I’m a photographer, hence all the photography crap lying around. Don’t poke fun at my computer monitor, for there is a long story attached and I’m thankfull at this moment to have this antique to use for editing. I love the angled walls, not too nuts about the placement of this utility closet and the lovely fluorescent light fixture will be trashed along with the cart and table.  I snagged this chair for $10.00 at an estate sale and will reupholster (although it doesn’t need it, just not my taste) and move to another room.

Swinging around to the right:

Swinging to the right again:

OK, enough of this swinging/spinning stuff! So, thus far I know I want this desk idea from PB but I’ll make it (was supposed to have already been made, but that ugly thing called budget got in the way). The desk will be placed in the middle of the room and one chair will face the window, the other chair back will face the window . My tush will require a cushioned seat on the chair.

To the right of the utility closet I’ll place this cute petite fireplace or something similar. This is from Overstock:

Leaning towards this color if I paint any portion of the office:

What are your thoughts, what would you do with the walls?? Appreciate any and all feedback!!!!!

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Memorial Day 2010

May you all have time to reflect on the reason for the holiday.  Images taken at Arlington Cemetery, Vietnam, Korean and WWII monuments. Along with the Vietnam Women’s Memorial and Iwo Jima Monument. Center image from Central Park, NYC.

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I mentioned in an earlier post that I collect many things. My collection of cameras is probably my largest collection. I have cameras in every room. Well, minus the bathrooms. (That would be a little too creepy for me) Along with the cameras I have photography related items up the wazoo. One such item is a collection of printer blocks that spell out the word photographs. I adore these little blocks, but have found wherever I place the letters the letter itself seems to get lost in the shadow of the wood block.

Contrast is what I needed to bring out the detail. I accomplished this by grabbing a pair of Mr. Wonderful’s old undies for they make the best rags. (YES, they were clean)

Then I used some silver leaf rub ‘n buff, this stuff:

It took less than 15 minutes to rub this onto the letters. Now you can really see each letter.

Amazing what a difference of 15 minutes of time can make! Now I’m happy with those little letters.

Thanks for taking a look. Have a terrific day! Take time to visit “Show & Tell Friday’s” at :


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Beds, Beds, We Need More Beds!

There’s just the two of us, so one would think one bed would suffice. However, there are also two guest rooms that  need to be outfitted with beds.  I elected to place in one of the guest bedrooms two twin beds and the other room a queen size bed.

On Craigslist (Luv that place!) I found two headboards for $25.00 that looked like this:

The headboards were in great condition, but I wasn’t feeling the wood. Painted the headboards and now they look all nice and crisp:

I finished this project in time for Easter. The two sets of bedding I had picked up at the JC Penney Outlet awhile back. Since I have an addiction for bed linens I know I’ll probably change the linens as often (at least) that the seasons change.

Ah-ha, you only see one bed in the above image. The headboard has been painted, I have the linens, but have yet to purchase another mattress set.

Our bed:

The verbage above the bed I put up for Mr. Wonderful’s birthday. I still want to add some sort of a scroll around it. The French translation roughly is “I love you today more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.” The man speaks French and I love hearing him repeat the phrase. (OK, so really in some ways it was more a gift for me.)

In the attic I had a lonely twin bed frame. Certainly no longer had a use for it since I scored on the CL headboards. What to do, what to do?!?! I came across an idea on one of the blogs (hate that I can’t credit the blog because I can’t recall which blog!) for this bed to bench idea. Here it is “in progress.” :

Adore the idea! Still have no idea where in the house it’ll land, nor what the final paint color will be….but loving it!

Recall at the begining I said the other guest bedroom would have a queen bed? Well, I’m still looking for a headboard or headboard/footboard that speaks to me. So, WE NEED MORE BEDS!

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by!

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